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The box below is a demo of how wpdisplaybar can display the latest threads from vBulletin in your site. This box contains just the very basic ‘latest threads’ features and can be custom styled to your desire. I am available for consulting to apply custom styles/additional features.

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Debug Mode Enabled
Database Connection: OK
Trying to find/load vBulletin User Data...
Checking for vBulletin rememberMe cookie...
...rememberMe cookie not found!
Checking for vBulletin session cookie...
...session cookie not found!
vBulletin user not found! If both session and rememberMe cookies are not found (and you are logged in to vBulletin), check your vBulletin cookie details and see if your Wordpress site has permissions to access them.
Metadata Debug Value (Meta Thread ID: )
Cache Not Hit: Display Comments - Setting: scvbc_pa_wpdisplaybar-demo
Searching vBulletin database (Forum ID: 47) for thread title: 'Wpdisplaybar Demo'
Did not find any vBulletin comments.
This box is a wpdisplaybar demo: Pulling Latest Threads from vBulletin
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