vBulletin Connector Demo

This vBulletin Connector demo is read-only. Registration is not enabled on the demo forums nor on the demo WordPress site. However, you can use this demo to preview some of the features/functionality of the plugin and also how comments look by default. Comments can be styled to your liking via CSS.

In this post, the first thing you will see below is the Debug Mode boxes. Debug mode will help you configure and setup the plugin. Below those boxes, you will see a default listing of comments pulled from the demo vBulletin forum.

For some live examples of this plugin in action, please see Toonzone.net and Siccness.net

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Debug Mode Enabled
Database Connection: OK
Trying to find/load vBulletin User Data...
Checking for vBulletin rememberMe cookie...
...rememberMe cookie not found!
Checking for vBulletin session cookie...
...session cookie not found!
vBulletin user not found! If both session and rememberMe cookies are not found (and you are logged in to vBulletin), check your vBulletin cookie details and see if your Wordpress site has permissions to access them.
Getting vBulletin thread comment count...
...Cached comment count found but expired. Renewing.
Refreshed cached comment count
Getting vBulletin thread comment count...
...Cached comment count found!
Metadata Debug Value (Meta Thread ID: 27)
Cache Not Hit: Display Comments - Setting: scvbc_pa_vbulletin-connector-demo
Searching vBulletin database by meta data (Thread ID: 27 -- Forum ID: 47)
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